Nigel Psychology and Education provides Cognition and Behaviour Management Interventions and Education, for anyone and any organisation interested to achieve peak performance.

Cognition is defined as how our mind processes and takes action to acquire knowledge and reach a level of understanding. Understanding is achieved through thought, experience, and the senses. How is this applicable to organisations? One can imagine how it relates to an individual. To organisations?

Organisations can also process and take action to acquire knowledge; they can achieve understanding through thoughts, experiences and their senses. The form it takes is just different. Knowledge can come in the form of data and research, etc. Thoughts can come in the form of ideas and concerns. Experiences can come in the form of traditions and cultures. Senses can come in the form of relationships and communication.

Peak performance is achieved when the individual or organisation manages to fulfill or reach their goal, better still go beyond their targeted outcome. It could be overcoming a fear, it could be achieving financial freedom, it could be achieving IPO for the organisation, or it could even be creating greater social impact or change. Whatever it is, peak performance is solely defined by the performer, regardless whether it was an individual or organisation.

Cognition and Behaviour Management Interventions could include psychological assessment, psychotherapy, group work, coaching, system or culture change, and profiling (Psychology), targeting the cognition and behaviours to achieve change for peak performance. With advances in technologies periodically, which can create disruptions, interventions could change to meet the needs of the time.

Cognition and Behaviour Management Interventions could also include training, workshops, keynotes, assembly talks, lectures, conferences and classroom teaching (Education), targeting again the cognition and behaviourss for change and peak performance. With disruptions occurring with time, education can happen in any form provided it targets the cognition and behaviours for change and peak performance.