Gaming glasses for teens and adults (Rose-Gold)


  • Anti Blue Light Lens – Blue light blocking lenses can help reduce glare, improve contrast, provide better color perception, and relieve digital eye strain. Our eye glasses can filter up to 99% of blue rays, so you can enjoy digital time without worrying about the effects of digital eye strain
  • Protect Eyesight – We are exposed to many digital screens, such as computers, smartphones and tablets. Our blue light filtering glasses will help reduce eye fatigue and irritation, brought about from blue lights emitted by digital screens.
  • Clear Blue Light Glasses – Our transparent glasses provides clear vision with no harsh yellow/orange colored lens to distort your vision.
  • Designed For You – The blue light blocking glasses are designed with you in mind. It comes with an array of colors, so you not only protect your eyes, but also look fashionable.


According to Healthline, people are increasingly exposed to blue light in both natural and artificial settings, because LED devices like laptops, phones, and tablets emit blue light. Blue light in actual fact is all around us. These high-energy light waves emanate from the sun, stream through earth’s atmosphere, and interact with light sensors in our skin and eyes.

There is not much evidence so far that there is any long-term risk to human health from higher levels of blue light exposure. Still, research is ongoing.

You should know about the relationship of artificial blue light to health conditions like eye strain, headaches, and migraines.

Digital eye strain (DES) describes a cluster of symptoms related to the use of digital devices for a long period. Symptoms include:

  • headache
  • dry eyes
  • sore or tired eyes
  • blurry vision
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • sensitivity to light

Computer screens, laptops, tablets, and cell phones can all cause digital eye strain. Each of those devices also emits blue light. This connection has led some researchers to wonder whether it is the blue light that causes digital eye strain.

So far, there is not much research to indicate that it is the color of the light that leads to DES symptoms. We think the culprit is long hours of demanding up-close work, rather than the color of the light coming from the screens.

Nonetheless, (continue to) work with us to understand better the long hours of demanding up-close work, and see how you can make some positive adjustments.

In the meantime, having a blue-light glasses may just help curb away some blue-light activation in the brain, cutting away the “most photophobic” type of light, which at high intensity may intensify headaches.

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