According to Dr William Glasser, all behaviour is purposeful! Our behaviour is always our best attempt at the time, given the resources (skills, knowledge, experiences, etc.) at our disposal to meet our needs. And most of the time we choose our behaviors. Behaviour is also TOTAL, and it is made up of four components:

1. Acting
2. Thinking
3. Feeling
4. Physiology

In trying to understand Total Behaviour, four components must be present all the time. Using the analogy of the wheels of a car, if one wheel changes direction or speed, the others follow. This for us is part of cognition.

Peak performance is achieved when the individual or organisation manages to fulfill or reach their goal, better still go beyond their targeted outcome because they chose the behaviour that can lead them to success.

It could be overcoming a fear, it could be achieving financial freedom, it could be achieving IPO for the organisation, or it could even be creating greater social impact or change. Whatever it is, peak performance is solely defined by the performer, regardless whether it was an individual or organisation; and it is measurable.