This Sunday (5th July, 2020), is youth day!

At least 18 countries in the world dedicate this day to the youths of their country, on varying dates throughout the year. It is usually a holiday.

In Singapore, it falls on the first Sunday of July every year, and the next day is a scheduled school holiday!

While there are varying reasons for dedicating this day to youths, we know in Singapore, it is because children and youth are extremely valued and highly regarded. A lot of resources are portioned out to them since the very start of their life in different forms.

Even as recent as last year (2019), the Singapore government said they will place more power in the hands of Singapore’s youth to shape the future of the country.

A panel will be formed to help articulate a youth vision for the Republic in 2025 and create an action plan to achieve it.

Youth leaders from various sectors and organisations will be appointed to engage their peers in developing the SG Youth Action Plan.

PARENTS! Don’t miss the point.

This is about our youths! Your child. Your teenager.

How much do you value them? Do your words and actions show?

Carpe diem! Seize the day!

Have you noticed your teen lately? Did you noticed your child through the Circuit Breaker period? Did you observe how he or she dealt with or managed the home-based learning?

Are you able to recognise a small commendable behaviour? Was there any thing of value you could make a mentioned, at the very least in passing?

If you find it very hard to think about anything?

I suggest you pause for a moment to think back.

There is ALWAYS something of value you can see in your child.

I like to encourage parents to make time this coming weekend, or on Monday (a school holiday by-the-way), to dedicate it to your child!

Bring him out for a run together. Play his favourite mobile game together. Bring her out for shopping together. Go for ice-cream together.

Celebrate the person he or she is! Thank him or her for taking life in his or her stride. Highlight how much you value him or her!

Don’t say no one gave you a heads up! You have a few days to plan for this.

Our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong once said this to youths on Youth Day: “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because that’s the beauty of being young. You can experiment, try things out, and discover what you can be. The future often looks daunting, but go forth and create your own!”

What action will you take? What will you say?

Over to you!

Contributed by Nicholas Gabriel Lim

[Photo credit – Pixabay @ Pexels]

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