LeadLife™ programme is designed entirely from Dr William Glasser’s work on Choice Theory. This programme consist of six modules:

(1) LeadLife™ Coaching for executives
(2) LeadLife™ Management for leaders
(3) LeadLife™ Parenting for parents
(4) LeadLife™ Engagement for teachers
(5) LeadLife™ Relationship for couples
(6) LeadLife™ Learner for students

Every module aims to help the respective group of individuals gain more effective control over their own cognition and behaviours to achieve peak performance.

Dr Glasser’s approach has been proven effective in personal mastery, mental wellness, relationships, education, parenting, marriage, leadership, and even management; and it lends itself to these situation where the respective group of individuals will learn how to satisfy their needs in responsible ways, leveraging their cognition and behaviour, and Choice Theory concepts.

This programme is based on the belief that we all choose what we do with our lives and that we are responsible for our choices. We make choices by first understanding at the time when the decision was to be made. Responsibility is defined as learning to choose behaviors that satisfy our needs, and not deprive others of a chance to do the same.

Each group of individuals will learn to evaluate their cognition and behaviour, and look honestly both at what they want and what they are doing to get what they want. Any persons who is frustrated, or is frustrating others, is taught to evaluate what he or she is doing and, before learning about and putting into practice more effective behaviors for peak performance.

LeadLife™ teaches a cognitive-behavioural strategy that enhances people’s ability to make effective, need-fulfilling choices for peak performance. It is an ongoing process with two major required components:

(1) The learning environment and
(2) Specific procedures that lead to changes in behavior

Dr. Glasser’s approach is considered non-traditional. He believes that we are all social creatures and we need each other. The cause of almost all psychological symptoms is our inability to get along with people who are considered important in our lives. Since 1967, he taught people how to apply his ideas in their lives. They have discovered that by using choice theory, their personal relationships have improved as well. Therefore, LeadLife™ aims to ensure that everyone could be mindful in how they interact and engage with each other, so that the effort towards achieving peak performance would not be futile.

LeadLife™ will endeavor to not only teach people how to apply it into their lives, but also to provide the platforms for application – by way of providing coaching and group support sessions.

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