Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Addiction II – 21 NOV ’20

This parents’ webinar IS BACK! Media Literacy Council is supporting the numerous number of parents who missed out the last time again!

The last time we reached the maximum capacity of 500 pax for the webinar. Those interested were placed on the wait list. This round, you should not be disappointed!

Here are some of the feedback given by those who attended.

“I think this is a very helpful way to reach out to parents who are struggling with these issues and more can be done via the schools or FLE.” ~ Lim Kheng Yeow

“The sharing by Ruth left the greatest impression, mainly because this is the area I am clueless about. It really helped my understand the motivation for my child’s gaming.” ~ Jeanne

“It’s a great session! Nicholas gave very helpful strategies and Ruth gave us hope :)” ~ ST Tan

“Strategies to connect with our kids and understanding their playground. A lot of information. Too fast to process. I definitely want to attend the next one again.” ~ Jennifer Teo

“The panelists are very knowledgeable and very open sharing.” ~ Regina Lim

“Ruth’s sharing of her personal journey is a must. Do include that for addicts perspective on her change process.” ~ Elaine

“Enjoyed understanding how game designs influence addiction and how the neurological development of teens may result in potential game addiction.” ~ Krystal

“It was very well done and well put together. I think the structure of the program was great too. I was not shocked but surprised to learn that we are top in terms of hours spent gaming, never expected to learn about what hooks a gamer and how developers design games. Finally, Nick’s part was super informative and practical.” ~ Jo Lim

“Ruth”s presentation – helps me to understand the world of gaming, helps me understand my son’s passion in this area through Ruth’s experience. Also, there is a lot of hope that my child need not be “wasted” in his world of gaming. Opposite of gaming is connection – and the reminder that there is at least 10 years for me to make good or better the connection. Going to talk to my son about what I learn today.” ~ Sarah Ling

Very impressed that all participants questions are answered. Thank you. ~ Catherine Lim

“My greatest takeaway is for me to think critically and creatively “what should I do differently from now” in order to connect with my son. Nicholas’ sharing gave in-depth and practical strategies in this area.” ~ Adeline

“Being able to now understand how & why gamers behaved the way they do, how games are designed to get gamers hooked on it and what better & nurturing ways we can adopt to achieve a win-win situation with our children.” ~ Kathy

“The panelists are all wonderful experts in their areas. I really appreciate their sincerity and generosity in their sharing. The personal experiences as parents, gamers, and experts are extremely insightful. I have attended numerous parenting workshops so this is not the first time I have heard about the pre-frontal cortex, yet I still benefited from this very much. My biggest takeaway today: (1) Understanding games and gamers and thus better understand my son. (2) Recognizing the 10 year gap between the development of the limbic and pre-frontal brain regions (it’s a 10 year marathon!). (3) Reminding myself to connect with the limbic. Thank you for your time and effort! Awesome session for all parents in this digital era!” ~ Shirley Goh

“It’s hard for parents to understand the gaming world. Most times, my kids are too impatient to answer our questions. It was so good to begin to enter their world via Ruth’s sharing and use the info to interact positively with my kids.” ~ Nancy

Thank you everyone for your feedback, participation, and even sharing. It is really privilege to be part of your lives in such a manner, where we discuss your personal challenges, and we dialogue about it in a manner where we learn to improve ourselves, and the lives of those whom we love so dearly. I am certain that the panelist and I have learnt as much as you have, if not more.

In this upcoming webinar, we are going to share some updates with you! If you cannot attend, it is alright. We will share the information with you here first.

Throughout this year, we hosted the Game Addiction Talks in 10 schools in Singapore, reaching out to more than 9000 students with the support of MLC.

As part of the Game Addiction Talk, the COMEBACK Game Dependency Test was made available to students. 2765 secondary school students in 7 schools completed the COMEBACK Game Dependency Test, and results showed that 19.4% of the Secondary students we were in contact had game dependency.

This translates to about 1 in 5 Secondary students in our sample. Go to https://www.comeback.world/…/game-dependency-in…/ to read the survey report.

Game dependency can affect students’ academic performance, school attendance, social life, family relationships, personal hygiene, and other areas. It is often a symptom of deeper psychological, social, and emotional needs that are not met.

Together with families, educators and school counselors can play an important role in helping students overcome game dependency.

So those of you who are educator and school counselors, come for a special session with Ruth Lim (Esports Coach), and Xing Yong (Associate Psychologist) to learn more about the world of games. This will be on the 12 November 2020, click here to register!! https://www.eventbrite.sg/…/educators-webinar….

Back to you parents, not to worry! You won’t be missing out. Ruth and Xing Yong will come back again in your session on the 21 November 2020. We will take a closer look at games, the motivations of gamers, as well as the types of games popular among youth, in order to understand game dependency and ways to deepen students’ engagement in school.

Both sessions will be moderated by Pauline Phoon, the Founder of SOOS OIO LLP and COMEBACK PTE LTD. Register for FREE now!!

FOR PARENTS, 21 NOVEMBER 2020, REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.sg/…/parents-webinar…

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