Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Addiction III – 26 May ’21

IT’S A WRAP!!! Thank you parents for your feedback, participation, and even sharing.


We always say it is a privilege to be part of your lives in such a manner, and indeed it is. There is so much you go through every day with your child and challenges can be overwhelming.

We want to celebrate you for your dedication, your selflessness, your care, your love and your perseverance. Without you, our children will be lost, confuse, and even unmotivated in life.

We are certain that after today, you have renewed vigor to continue that parenting journey with your child, especially your adolescent child. They need you more than you know it. Pace yourself for the journey ahead. It is going to be at least a ten years hike. Not every battle need to be fought, not every detail needs to be dealt with. Keep the big picture in mind. Enjoy the growing-up journey with your child.

We also give a shout out to Ruth and Xing Yong for the inspiring talk and sharing. They are always the highlight of the programme because through them, parents get to know the real world that their kids are in. Both have come a long way from the gaming days they were in many years ago. Today, they share great insights and hope to every parent struggling with their adolescent child.

As with all our programmes, we provide resources and handles for parents to use with their children. The following were all the videos and materials that were discussed this time. Enjoy!

Understanding Games

Understanding Gamers – The 4 Player Types

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