Neurofeedback, therapy and training.

Neurofeedback therapy and training are viable interventions that are noninvasive, non-medication-based, and empirically proven in treating disorders such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and enhancing cognitive functions. The approach works by utilizing neurofeedback to reprogram the brain in behaving toward the desired manner (e.g. reduced inattentiveness towards learning; increased focus).

Clients are equipped with a device that measures brain activity (neurofeedback) while engaging in specific cognitive tasks that stimulates activity in the target brain regions. Through consistent repetition, new neural-pathways are formed that encourage desired behaviours, such as having enhanced focus and better control over impulses and behaviours. Hence, neurofeedback therapy and training help shape the brains of individuals to be better equipped for mastery in their pursuit for success.

ADHD Intervention

Our therapeutic approach uses non-invasive Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) based games to help children train themselves to learn to focus better.

Our patented solution was developed from over 10 years of research with clinical trials by Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health, Duke-NUS Medical School and A*STAR’s Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R).

In the latest clinical trial that involved 172 ADHD children, it showed that children who received 8 weeks of intervention had significant improvements in their inattentive symptoms than those who did not receive any intervention, when rated by blinded clinicians.

Additionally, through brain scans (fMRI), children in the intervention group showed reorganised brain network activity – increased closeness in prefrontal region of the brain that is associated with attention (i.e. less inattentive symptoms).

Cognitive Development

The foundation for learning is cognitive strengths, our ability to remember, to focus, to make decisions, to stretch our learning, etc. Such cognitive functions are the building blocks for our learning. It helps with everyday life, especially school – reading, problem solving, attention. etc.

Our training approach uses non-invasive Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) based games with the help of group based curriculum to help children develop and enhance lacking and or existing cognitive functions.

Where executive functions are developing at slower rates, such training will prepare and prime the brain to undertake higher level executive functioning tasks. Executive function skills, include monitoring and manipulating information in the mind (working memory), suppressing distracting information and unwanted responses (selective attention), and flexible thinking (decision/flexibility).



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“School-going children of all ages will definitely benefit from this brain intervention, as it not only enhances their thinking capacity but provides an overall sense of confidence and achievement.”

Saras, Primary School & Special Needs Educator

Let’s build our kids’ learning competence and confidence together.