Psychotherapy is an approach for working on mental health conditions by being in collaborative dialogue with a psychologist or therapist. During the psychotherapy session, the aim is for the mental health condition to be understood; at the same time, various strategies would be explored and discussed for individuals or groups in the psychotherapy session to find resolution for the mental health condition.

Depending on the extent of the problem, psychotherapy may take just a few sessions over a week or two or may take many sessions over a period of years. Psychotherapy can be done individually, as a couple, with a family, or in a group.

There are many forms of psychotherapy. We help clients modify thought patterns and behaviours, and we help clients explore the effect of past relationships and experiences on present behaviors.

Some of the mental health conditions could include the following:

(1) Addictions
(2) Anger Management
(3) Anxiety
(4) Behaviour Misconduct (School)
(5) Depression
(6) Emotional Pain
(7) Sexual Health / Gender Identification
(8) Parenting Challenges
(9) Relationship Challenges
(10) Stress Management
(11) Under Performance (Professional & Academic)

To work on any of the above, our psychologists and therapist provide psychotherapy in a comfortable, private and safe environment.

In some cases, psychotherapy sessions would be accompanied with Pharmacological Treatment.

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