Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Dependency Webinar | 27 May 2023

We have learned that the need for this continue to be great. The partnership with Comeback continue to be strong with more support from sponsors and likeminded stakeholders.

This Parents Webinar will include Mandarin simultaneous translation. This means that participants can choose English or Mandarin for their audio on Zoom.

With the increase accessibility of mobile devices, parents increasingly need to manage your children’s gaming. Games are here to stay and will be part of our lives. Complete embargo of games for your child and youth will mean social and technology isolation. On the other hand excessive gaming can be a very real issue for some gamers. Yet, game dependency, or some termed gaming addiction, is rarely on the clinical radar as a cause or contributor to educational or behavioural difficulties for which psychological services were being sought as compared to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), conduct disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, insomnia, and mood deregulation.

The Parents Webinar seek to equip parents with frameworks to help parents better understand games, gamers and game dependency. With better understanding of games and your child’s gaming motivations, parent-child communication and relationship can be improved. Developed from the understanding of a youth’s brain development, various communication strategies will be examined.

There are 2 invited speakers for this webinar. The first invited guest speaker is Wil Wells, Creative Director of Level Infinite. He will share with you what goes behind the design of video games and how games can be fun and interactive from the perspective of a video game designer. From the insights of Wil, we will have a deeper understanding of games so that parents know how to navigate this world with our children. The second invited speaker is Alsen Chanamuto from the Centre for Fathering who will be sharing with us the importance of fathers, especially gaming fathers, and your impact and influence on your gaming children as a gaming father and educator himself.

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