Colours of Life™ programme is designed entirely from Dr Geil Browning and Dr Wendall William’s work on Emergenetics Theory. This is a profiling programme which consist of the following six modules:

(1) Colours of the Minds™
(2) COTM Coaching for executives
(3) COTM Management for leaders
(4) COTM Parenting for parents
(5) COTM Engagement for teachers
(6) COTM Relationship for couples
(7) COTM Learner for students

The Colours of Life™ programme uses the Emergenetics profile extensively, as it is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply thinking and behavior patterns people use regularly. On a practical level, it represents a clear framework of seven easily recognizable and useful factors that apply to learning, engagement, communication, parenting, management and interpersonal relationships. These include:

(1) Analytical Preferences
(2) Structural Preferences
(3) Social Preferences
(4) Conceptual Preferences
(5) Expressiveness
(6) Assertiveness
(7) Flexibility

Colours of Life™ from an individual perspective

Because the Emergenetics profile yields practical results, leveraging greatly on the Emergenetics principles, the Colours of Life™ programme would be able to help individuals gain better understanding of their cognition and behaviours, and in their respective daily functioning area achieve peak performance.

Colours of Life™ from an organisational perspective

In the Colours of Life™ programme, organisations can use the Emergenetics thinking and behavioral factors as a framework to maximize individual’s and organisation’s peak performance. As individuals in the organisation, each person function in various capacities. Everyone plays multiple roles, depending on where he or she is at. The individual could be a mother at home; a leader in the organisation; a colleague amongst working peers; a volunteer at a non-profit – all at the same time.

Regardless, each person form relationships with people in whatever role he or she takes. They communicate with each other with their cognition and behaviours. They work with each other. And they seek ways to make the communication and the work experience as positive as possible. Colours of Life™ will help do just that. And more.

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