Online consultation is not new. Some of us just may not be familiar with it.

The following are some of the advantages of having an online consult on Healthy Mind Online (HMO) platform with us:

  • The platform provides Video, Audio, and Text-based coaching and therapy sessions; and multiple clinical and non-clinical screeners to help support you.
  • You can message your assigned consultant in-between sessions if you need their guidance. Take note, you may click on any consultant to book, but assignment of consultants is centrally managed. You will only see our Principal Consultant on the platform.
  • Data in the transmission is encrypted and remains secure as the platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services in Singapore and as a Singapore company, HMO is governed by the Personal Data Protection Act. The platform use Zoom (for Business) for Video connectivity which is the most secure platform globally. These sessions are not recorded for your privacy.
  • You make payment through the trusted Paypal payment gateway.


If you like to proceed and book a session with us, you may click here.

For this Covid19 period, you may want to use this code: xlna1rft @ checkout.

Steps to book:

1. You may choose to do a preliminary “Resilience Quiz” or click on “Specialist Booking” at the menu. To help us understand your needs, it would be helpful if you completed the quiz before making a booking.

2. Register by providing the necessary information. Subsequently, you may choose to book a “4 week program” (4WP) or simply book a single consultation session. The 4WP is purely text-based over a four week period. Your consultant and you are not obligated to reply back immediately once corresponding commenced.

3. On the Appointment page, select ’60 minutes’ from the dropdown.

4. Select Date and Time, and fill the remaining fields. Click submit.

5. Make the payment.

6. You will get an email once the specialist accepts the appointment.

For any technical support please write to


If you are ready to book a session, click here.

For this Covid19 period, you may want to use this code: xlna1rft @ checkout.