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Clash of the Mind and Heart – Parents’ Playbook for Helping Youths Succeed is written by our Consultant Psychologist. To find out more about him, click here.

This is the sequel to the ebook Clash of the Mind and Heart – Understanding Adolescents.

For single purchase of the book, you may visit the publisher World Scientific’s website. You may use promo code: WSSOC20. Code is valid until 12 June 2022.

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[1] Clash of the Mind and Heart – Parents’ Playbook for Helping Youths Succeed (softcover)

This book is NOT just for parents! This is for ANYONE working or wanting to work with youths. The understanding-divide between adolescents and adults seems to be getting wider. Concretely on a day-to-day basis, adolescents and parents are clashing with each other over mind and heart issues; and no one seemed to be able to “get” the other. Even if one “got it”, it would not take long before one would challenge the other about it. This book not only informs you about what you really need to understand about youths, but it also proposes the framework and strategies to guide the adults to help youths succeed. The book includes some stories of professional youth work, where effective youth engagement strategies are highlighted by youths themselves in retrospect.

[2] YouthHack Series Learning Videos by 7 Youth Work Veterans & Experts

This is a specially curated course presented by 7 veteran youth work practitioners, specializing in different areas of youth work – school-based, community-based, in residential rehabilitation, gaming, humanitarian outreach, counseling and coaching, Their wealth of experiences and insights will enrich any parents, caregivers and persons working with youths, and enhance your ability to understand and work with youths. Each youth work veteran have recorded a number of videos for you. There are a total of 65 videos. You are free to watch the presentations at your own time, and even in the comfort of your own home. After you have watched the videos, you are encouraged to give it some thought and reflect how best you may modify your strategies with youths, if necessary, what to do better, and what you should continue doing.

The following are the youth work veterans and experts:

  1. Dr John Tan: A Developmental Journey
  2. Dr Roland Yeow: Preparing and Transforming Youths
  3. Mr Nicholas Aaron Khoo: Understanding Gamers and Esports
  4. Ms Diane Choo: Vulnerability Is Love
  5. Mr Tony Leong: Taking Strained Relationships To Strengths
  6. Mr Joe Chan: Coaching Youths
  7. Mr Izhar Roslan: Going Beyond To Empower Youths
[3] Youth and the Law (complimentary; while stocks last)

What Singapore youths know about the law is based on what they watch on TV. This book, “Youth & the Law” provides adults, and especially youths, with the basic principles of legal protection and helps them understand the real life consequences and penalties of breaking the law. It also provides sources of additional information such as websites on the issues faced by youths in today’s context and where they can turn to for counselling solutions.

This edition covers the 2020 amendments to the Children and Young Persons Act to:

  • Protect youths who face abuse or neglect.
  • Help youths to start anew, by giving them a second chance.
  • Guide families in parenting, with community support.
  • Strengthen partnerships with the community to care for vulnerable youths.

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